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Set in the modern-day, Prayr puts the player in God's shoes where you receive incoming prayers from procedurally-generated people.

Your moral compass will be tested as you accept or reject prayers covering a whole range of issues all within a certain time and limitations.

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  • Over 180 prayrs (with variations) to be answered
  • Randomly generated characters so you know who you're judging!
  • Plenty of seasonal prayrs; play during Christmas and get Christmas related prayrs!
  • Buy a time machine and answer prayers from different generations
  • Name your god, religion, followers and your own holy text
  • Declare war against other religions!
  • Have your followers build places of worship to provide a bonus when gaining followers
  • Smite a person once per round to reject their prayer and get a new one
  • Earn followers through your actions
  • Alignment; you can see whether you're good or bad
  • Achievements to earn


Prayr was released 23 December 2019 on iOS and Android.


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