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Release a platinum album at the age of 17, or die of old age only having a few qualifications in school and not much else, the choice is yours.

Pass your driving test and die in a fatal accident a year later or become a famous musician and become restricted in what you can do. Will you go to university or give it a miss?

Meet different people each time you play, start a relationship. Will they be the one? Let them move in and live happily ever after. Or... Will they leave you?

Jobs, and companies, are generated and are different for each game. Jobs require different qualifications to get hired, make sure you work hard and get that promotion! Will the companies CEO step down and allow you to change the company for the better?

Find your perfect house! Can't afford it? Get a mortgage, make sure to keep your payments up...

Each year you live contains new experiences. The ultimate life simulation.

InstLife does not require an internet connection, and can be played offline.


  • Achievements
  • Alcohol, drugs, and smoking
  • Be an artist, paint pictures with generated descriptions
  • Be a musician, sell records, and go platinum
  • Education (secondary school, college, and university – with early grad depending on intelligence)
  • In-depth procedural jobs and company names (with job promotions, drug tests, becoming a CEO)
  • Procedural houses (with the ability to buy, get mortgages, and sell them)
  • Romance (relationships, engagement, pregnancy, child birth, weddings, and honeymoons)
  • Other fun stuff that we’ve forgotten
Published Feb 24, 2018
Release date Feb 24, 2018
GenreSimulation, Role Playing
Made withUnity
TagsLife Simulation, Perma Death, Text based, Unity
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsTouchscreen, Smartphone
LinksHomepage, Patreon, Twitter

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need iOS version please!


Would like to see it IOS or Windows Compatible 


Its a perfect game; however, with feedback from the rest of us in the community they continue to improve the gameplay and add more features.

incredible game, a sign that knowing how to draw isnt a limitation to create a game, and is that even in 2018 a text-based game can suceed even if its well disagned, im speak Spanish and normally (out of laziness) I do not usually play games in English but this game deserves it.

but the game can be better whit a translation so if you would allow me, I would be interested in help you with a translation into Spanish, im not an expert but 

I have translated some YouTube videos and I have a good command of English to understand the game and therefore at least try to translate it.

luck with the project guys
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Inst.life is a ultimate life simulation game and is an ideal game for someone who is a simulator addict!

This game is a great and amazing time killer!

Hopefully this game will Continuine Doing Good Stuff And Maming Us Happy!!

excellent game ! You can choose different story and end Everytime. There is often update that is good. You can't be Boring with this game